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Since the company was founded in 1843, the subject of light has always been an integrated part of PINTSCH. The railway technology (infrastructure and vehicle equipment, signalling lights and train lights), as well as warning lights and the light systems at sea, are all being developed and installed by PINTSCH.

As is the case with many sections of the PINTSCH GmbH, also the light technology has grown historically.  There are still numerous procedures for establishing measuring values that still apply the filament technology and which is also used in the road traffic technology. The measuring technics had to face new challenges, when the LED-technology was introduced in our product sections of light technology. But it is possible to fall back on our experiences over the past few years. The demands on the technology of light components,  compared to other traffic technical applications, are basically very high. Apart from a high level of availability and reliability, the requirements for the properties of the light technology are certainly considerable. This is, amongst others, reflected in the prerequisites for light intensity distribution, chromaticity coordinates, phantom light and product life. Due to a long-standing experience in the area of light technology, as well as having excellent measuring technology facilities, PINTSCH is in a position to face all challenges.

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Photometric Laboratory

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