LED-ZA – LED auxiliary signal indicator


Auxiliary signal indicators augment the signal aspects of stop signals with special additional safety-relevant information. They are used where train speeds and train directions vary, in case of track changeover, and for special operational functions.


The corresponding numerals and symbols are displayed on the front panel of the auxiliary signal indicator by means of individual spots of light, which are supplied for each signal aspect from a common LED light source and distributed via fibre-optics cables. The indicators can be assigned to station or lineside signals. Control is accomplished by means of the respective signal cabin system. Up to four aspects can be displayed using one LED-ZA.

Technical structure:

The LED-ZA auxiliary signal indicator is a further development of the tried and proven HKR auxiliary signal indicator, based on a halogen illuminant. The LED auxiliary signal indicator consists of a weatherproof, powder-coated aluminium housing of Degree of Protection  IP44. The auxiliary signal indicator can be fixed either directly to a tubular-steel mast, a mast mounting or on a signal housing (cowl mounting) by means of an adjustable fixing.

The signal image displayed is generated by means of individual spots of light, which are supplied from a central LED light source. The light collimated by the LED optical system is conveyed to the spots of light via the fibre-optics cable harness. Various diffusers can be used, depending on the signal‘s location (installation on right or on left). The use of LED technology means that coloured diffusers are not needed.