BÜ-Akustik – acoustic warning system


The PINTSCH BÜ-Akustik is an acoustic warning system which augments the safety systems of a level-crossing and is intended to induce pedestrians and cyclists to leave the danger area. The Akustik module can be used as a stand-alone functional module with all level-crossing control technologies. The standard DB gong tone is emitted when the module is activated. The tone sequence used can be changed to permit use of the BÜ-Akustik as an acoustic warning system, as a maximum train stop alarm, for example.


The BÜ-Akustik consists of a display and operating unit on the front panel and a main electronics board installed in a housing consisting of insulating material. The module can be electrically connected by means of plug-type connectors on the underside of the housing. The housing is mounted on a top-hat rail. A large range of settings can be made using 11 buttons on the front panel of the  BÜ-Akustik (and double assignment of these buttons). The upper two places in the segmental display are used for indication of function, the lower four places for display of the parameters set.


The BÜ-Akustik is designed for an operating voltage of 18 V to 36 V (via a DC/DC converter) and permits connection of two loudspeakers to each of the two channels. Sonic output levels can be set for each channel, separately for daytime and nighttime operation, to 15 volume levels. At the highest level, the sound level is 82 dBA at a distance of 2 m. The function keys can be used to configure the switching times for activation and deactivation of nighttime mode. The default times are 20:00 h for activation of nighttime mode and 07:00 h for deactivation of night-time mode. It is possible, if necessary, to configure alternating sound emission. The gong can then be emitted from the Channel A and Channel B loudspeaker(s) in alternation. Parallel emission of the tone sequence is also possible. The BÜ-Akustik features an internal real-time clock and an input for connection of a DCF77 radio clock for the purpose of synchronisation. The Akustik also includes a configurable diagnosis relay which can optionally be set to close from the rest position only for the duration of tone emission or, alternatively, can remain permanently “On” and open only in case of fault/error.