SPK 6-6 and SPK 10-10 barrier drives


The Type SPK 6-6 and SPK 10-10 (PINTSCH-type barrier drive with ball-spindle motor) all non-hydraulic electromechanical barrier drives have been developed for prevention of road-side access to the tracks to withstand the most adverse ambient conditions.

Great importance was attached as early as the design stage to achieving an exceptionally robust, low-maintenance structure, in order to assure longest possible operational life. We have, as a result, commissioned no less than around 10,000 such drives for our customers since 1990. All our barrier drives are nowadays supplied zinc-plated as standard.

These barrier drives are also suitable for other barrier-actuation applications, such as factory entrances, for example.

Barrier opening/closing times are typically 6 sec. (SPK 6-6) and 10 sec. (SPK 10-10). Visual appearance of barrier operation can be harmonised when both models are used. In such a case, the open/close time of the SPK 10-10 can be reduced to 6 sec. A suspended barrier fence with articulated support post can be fitted to Type SPK 10-10 barriers if needed (e.g. in case of heavy pedestrian traffic, prolonged barrier-closed times, full barriers).

Barrier-drive structure

Our barrier drives are based on a low-maintenance ball-spindle drive system consisting of a DC shunt motor, a ball spindle with an actuating rod and a retaining magnet.

Low power take-ups at start-up and during operation ensure that equipment-house batteries are not overburdened. The barrier boom can be of rectangular section (up to 5 m boom length) or round section (up to 10 m boom length). The use of triangular aluminium sections is also possible. Various types of (flashing) warning lights can be fitted as options to the boom.

Our Type SPK 6-6 and SPK 10-10 barrier drives can be manufactured and supplied to function on the closed-circuit principle (fail-safe close function in case of power-supply failure) and on the open-circuit principle (no fail-safe close function).