ET, HET, AT, HAT, RS, UT, ET/AT – manual switching equipment


Manual switching equipment can be used to control the technical safety provisions of a level-crossing for shunting or during normal traffic in accordance with the special requirements. It either acts on an existing electrical switching system or controls the level-crossing signalling equipment directly. This control mode is accomplished manually using a special key. Since these operations affect the safety of both rail and road traffic, only authorised persons may keep these special keys for the various items of manual switching equipment.


The switching elements are accommodated in an impact-proof plastic housing and installed in a folding housing lid. They are wired ready for connection. The manual-switching equipment may be fitted with an acknowledgement signal lamp (monitoring lamp as a "Finished" signal). The keyholes have a protective cover to protect them against the elements and against fouling. The use of LEDs as the monitoring lamp increases both the visibility and the service-life of the illuminants. The  manual switching equipment is generally fixed to a prestressed-concrete post near the rail line by means of a mounting plate. The housing conforms to VDE 0720, Degree of Protection II, Test Voltage 2.5 kV, Contact Rating 1320VA, Degree of Protection IP54. Our manual switching equipment can be supplied with various safety-locking systems, such as stepped keys, point keys, DB21, DB22, DB24, Zeiss IKON 6, for example.