Fü-RU relay converter


PINTSCH has developed the Fü-RU relay converter as a lower-cost alternative for the transmission of Fü interface information from level-crossing control systems across distances greater than 6.5 km to the signal cabin (interlocking tower). To optimise interference lengths, this module can be installed in the signal cabin (interlocking tower), in the level-crossing control system or in the wiring cabinet. Corresponding verification by means of  interference calculation (BFB) is necessary as an element in  PT1 planning in all cases.


The converter features a display on its front panel. Electrical connection of the module is accomplished by means of plug-type connectors on the upper and lower sides of the insulating housing. The housing is mounted on a top-hat mounting rail.


Constant conditions in order to permit transmission across distances of more than 6.5 km are made possible in the  Fü-RU relay converter on the basis of constant current sources on the cores of the Fü interface in the lineside cables. Under ideal conditions, a maximum  actuation distance of 32.5 km is thus possible with a core diameter of 1.4 mm.