electronic level-crossing control system RBÜT


The PINTSCH RBÜT electronic level-crossing control system can be used in all level-crossing control applications. The RBÜT supports trackside signals, main signals, remote monitoring, trackside signals with optimized activation and combinations of these. The RBÜT can also operate as passenger and pedestrian warning systems (PWS), level-crossing with manually operated barriers and on-call level-crossing. Today, there have been installed more than 1200 RBÜT in the route network of German Deutsche Bahn AG, running proven highly reliable.

Equipment variants

In maximum equipment configuration, the RBÜT can actuate and monitor up to 36 road-side lights (2-aspect, yellow/red), 12 barrier actuation systems and 4 tracks (8 tracks in the case of  monitoring mode Hp). The RBÜT PCBs are installed in standardised mounting racks. The basic rack (see illustration below) can be equipped with PCBs for connection for up to 6 road-side lights (road-traffic signals) and 4 barrier actuation systems. The RBÜT can be expanded for virtually any application by installing additional mounting racks with the corresponding peripheral modules. A Lx-acoustic-module can also be connected to permit emission of acoustic signals.  


In order to achieve detailed diagnostic analysis and a quick repair of possible malfunctions, all important functions are displayed on the assembly groups. If necessary, a laptop can be connected to the control processor to chronologically access the operating and functional data sequences in the form of data. In this way the service staff can quickly recognize the cause of a malfunction. A mass storage unit allows the recording of data over longer periods of time. All diagnostic data can also be transmitted by radio or cable links, since it is possible to carry out the diagnostic analysis from a wide area operational centre.