Certification as known consignor

PINTSCH BAMAG Antriebs- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH is certified as known consignor by the German Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The company has been certified since May 2013, thus fulfilling the requirements of EU VO no. 2015/1998.

Air freight shipments of known consignors can be handed over to the airlines at the airport without further controls. This saves valuable time for urgent air freight shipments, but also costs that would be necessary to secure the goods. A further important advantage is the lower risk of damage as the goods do not have to be handled again. Thus, there is barely any risk of damage.
Only those who fulfil the following comprehensive requirements shall be approved:
  • Development of a safety concept
  • Training of the responsible personnel/staff
  • Shipping of tamper-proof freight
Hence, the certification enables us to supply our customers quickly, cost-effectively and reliably by air. The German Federal Aviation Administration awards the certificate for a period of five years and continuously performs unannounced audits.

Our location in Dinslaken is registered in the Union’s database for supply chain security with the approval no. DE/KC/01599-01/0518.